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Are all the ingredients of the essential oils sourced from Australia? All our products are bottled in Australia, however not all ingredients are sourced from Australia. Climate, growing conditions and season availability, means we source oils from countries where that plant grows best to ensure they contain the best active constituents to perform according to the high standards we set. We source ingredients from countries aligned with our manufacturing, ethical standards, and Quality Assurance standards. Are Nurture Our World’s essential oils organic? Our oils are 100% organic. We promote the benefits of using natural and organic oils in everyday applications including beauty, health, and household remedies. We offer 100% organic essential oils and create signature blends. What assurance is there for the quality of Nurture Our World’s products? We are often asked how we can make such high-quality products so affordable. We believe in investing in our ingredients and not fancy packaging or expensive advertising. Therefore our packaging is not pretty or perfect. This in turn allows the customer to be able to purchase quality affordable organic essential oil products. Can Nurture Our World’s essential oils be taken internally? Essential oils are natural compounds of the specific plant they are derived from. While they are natural per say, they are highly concentrated and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise in administering them. And although some essential oils may be consumed safely, such as in cooking, and have wonderful health benefits, we do not recommend unless under advice from a trained aromatherapist or medical practitioner to be sure ingesting the oils are safe and do no harm to persons, just like any medications. Do I need to dilute Nurture Our World’s essential oils when using topically? Yes, is the short answer. Essential oils are volatile, which means that they evaporate quickly. When you dilute essential oils the evaporation process is much slower. Using a carrier oil with your essential oil, ensures the essential oil is carried into the skin far safer and you use less of the essential oil. Carrier oils can also have therapeutic benefits. Are essential oils safe for pets? Essential oils can be toxic for pets. Please ensure bottles are not left lying around, left unopened or in reach of pets. Each pet will differ, so use caution when diffusing oils around pets. Watch their behaviour, changes in eating or drinking habits, leaving the room when diffusing. If you notice any changes in your pet or they accidentally ingest essential oil, please go to your veterinarian immediately with the essential oil bottle is possible. Peppermint, Citrus oils, Tea Tree, Pine oil, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang are all toxic to cats and dogs. Why don’t you offer free shipping? We offer highly discounted flat rate shipping costs. We maintain the lowest price possible for our products and continue to do so, to enable consumers to be able to purchase and enjoy the benefits of natural products in their homes. We believe this is the best way to be transparent in our costing. How are your products packaged? Our product packaging is designed to protect the high-quality products inside. We use glass bottles as we believe they are the most beneficial for quality control, to ensure the essential oils do not degrade or break down. In addition, we take pride in using green materials that can be re-cycled, re-used and composted, to ensure your products arrive safe and sound. Why does it take so long for a product to be re-stocked? We prefer to have our shelves sit empty than have them heavily stocked and sell an inferior product that does not meet our high standards. Climate, shipping, crop availability all has an impact on the availability of the organic essential oils that we source. For this reason, some oils may not be readily available. What if there is an issue with my order? Please email us on nurtureourworlds@gmail.com See terms and conditions policy.

Because of their antibacterial, antiviral, antidepressant, detoxifying, and calming properties, (just to name a few!), they are gaining traction as a natural, environmentally friendly and cost saving effective solution for a multitude of concerns.

Aside from their lovely scents, many types of plant essences are well known and accepted for their antimicrobial qualities. Pure essential oils are so potent that they can destroy certain microbes (bacteria, fungus, and viruses) with the compounds they contain, and they can also break down grease and grime. They will leave your home with an amazing aroma that you and your family will love, and you can feel confident that your family is not breathing in any nasty chemicals.


And this is where Nurture Our World (N.O.W.) began. I needed to find non-toxic solutions for my home and family due to medical concerns, that did not have chemicals, (most of which I could not even pronounce, let alone know what they were), that triggered illnesses, such as asthma, auto-immune concerns, insomnia and so much more. I also was very conscientious of what was going into our land and water ways.

After much research, essential oils became a large part of my life, from cleaning, well-being, health, cooking and more, and now my family and friends use them and will always seek an essential oil alternative before going mainstream.


And so, with encouragement from my family, I have now started Nurture Our World. My website is under construction and my products will be available for purchase very soon.

I do hope you enjoy these products and I thank you for caring for our world.

Hello and welcome to Nurture Our World – essential oils for a better planet.

My name is Michelle, and I am the founder of Nurture Our World. I am married with three adult children. My husband runs his own Real Estate business, and I also am an Early Childhood Teacher.

My interest in essential oils began when I needed to find alternative solutions for my family that were non-toxic and that did not have chemicals, (most of which I could not even pronounce, let alone know what they were). The chemicals that triggered illnesses, such as asthma, auto-immune concerns, insomnia, hay fever, rashes, and so much more, and that smelt so disgusting, I felt like I needed full on PPE to clean my home. I also was very conscientious of what was going into our land and water ways too. Surely there had to be a better, easier, and more cost-effective way.

I read and researched, tried, and tested and found that my home was clean and smelt wonderful, my family were feeling better, all through using essential oils in many applications throughout my home – from diffusing to cleaning to making products for coughs and colds, pain relief and even pure-fumes.

I began study with the Australian College of Aromatherapists, gaining my Certificate in the Fundamentals of Aroma Therapy. This was an amazing time, where I learnt how what we have already growing can do so much for us without needing harsh chemicals. This study encouraged me to find a way to be able to have organic essential oils accessible so people could consider using them in more ways than just in an oil diffuser.

I began working with a biologist, agricultural consultant, and environmentalist from Northern NSW, who also holds a Bachelor of Sciences with 1st Class Honours in Biology and Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing, to create superb blends that will provide you with many benefits, be cost effective and easy to use, and this partnership continues as I discover more ways to use essential oils. They also supply my single blend oils, and all oils are 100% organic.

Essential oils have become a large part of my life, from cleaning, well-being, health, cooking and more, and now my family and friends use them and will always seek an essential oil alternative before going mainstream.

I hope you enjoy my oils, gain knowledge from the hints, tips, and recipes, and feel the benefits for you and your family with using less chemicals in your daily lives.