Essential Oils are plant extracts that are highly concentrated to separate the powerful healing compounds of the plant into a single oil.

Because of their antibacterial, antiviral, antidepressant, detoxifying, and calming properties, (just to name a few!), they are gaining traction as a natural, environmentally friendly and cost saving effective solution for a multitude of concerns.

Aside from their lovely scents, many types of plant essences are well known and accepted for their antimicrobial qualities. Pure essential oils are so potent that they can destroy certain microbes (bacteria, fungus, and viruses) with the compounds they contain, and they can also break down grease and grime. They will leave your home with an amazing aroma that you and your family will love, and you can feel confident that your family is not breathing in any nasty chemicals.

And this is where Nurture Our World (N.O.W.) began. I needed to find non-toxic solutions for my home and family due to medical concerns, that did not have chemicals, (most of which I could not even pronounce, let alone know what they were), that triggered illnesses, such as asthma, auto-immune concerns, insomnia and so much more. I also was very conscientious of what was going into our land and water ways.

After much research, essential oils became a large part of my life, from cleaning, well-being, health, cooking and more, and now my family and friends use them and will always seek an essential oil alternative before going mainstream.

And so, with encouragement from my family, I have now started Nurture Our World. I do hope you enjoy these products and I thank you for caring for our world.